From 28th of November 2021 to 5th of December 2021

Run the US Virtual Run

Virtual 10K, 1K, 5K, Half Marathon and Marathon running event

Participate in this surprising competition called Run the US Virtual Run. This is an event that will take place totally online.

This cool running event competition has the next distances: 10K, 1K, 5K, Half Marathon and Marathon. 1K is exciting for people who are making their first steps in running competitions.

This event will be a Virtual running event. These races are races were you don't need to assist to a location to participate. Keep in mind before joining. This running event will be held from Sunday 28th of November 2021 to Monday 6th of December 2021.

The invitation is made for you to take part of this captivating race. For more information about this running event you can visit the running event website.

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More information

  • This running competition is a virtual race. For this reason, this event will not be held in a physical place. You can sign up and participate from anywhere.
  • This race has 5 distances.

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