About Us

Our company was born with the objective of delivering an entertainment platform to runners around the world. Because we know that running is a universal language. No matter where you are in the world, running is a sport that has touched the hearts of athletes like you in every corner of the planet.

Runners.TV has been created by runners for runners. Because we believe that the passion for running should be enjoyed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Not just when we are running.

That is why our video on demand platform allows you to enjoy this beautiful sport whenever we want and from wherever we want. On this platform, runners can find high-quality video content created exclusively for those who live running with intensity every day.

We are like you. We understand you and we know what you want to see. It has also happened to us that we want to talk about running all day, but our family members do not understand us and think we are crazy. And yes, we are crazy. Crazy for running.

That is why we created this space. For all those crazy addicts to run. For all those runners looking forward to the weekend to participate in the next race. For those who proudly wear a medal hanging around their neck. For those who know that they don’t need to be first to raise their arms at the finish line. For those who do not give up. For those will run whatever it takes to achieve their goals. For those who shed tears at the end of their first race.

This space is for you runner. For you and for all the runners in the world. So we hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy creating it.

We welcome you to Runners.TV