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How long does it take to run a marathon

Many amateur runners wonder. How long does it take to run a marathon? Especially runners who are beginning to increase race distances. That is why in this article we will answer some questions about How long does it take to run a marathon.

What is the exact distance of a marathon?
The exact distance to travel in a marathon is 26.2 Miles or 42,195 meters or 42.1 Kilometers (depending on the unit of measurement used in your country).

How long does it take to run a marathon?
This question is a bit broad. Since it depends a lot on the type of athlete. Because an elite athlete will clearly do it in a very different time than an amateur athlete who is going to run his first marathon.

Another point of variation is whether you are a man or a woman. Since there is usually a variation in the times of both genders.

The age of the runner must also be considered. Since an 18-year-old will have a better chance of running the marathon in less time than an older runner. But by this we do not mean that age is an impediment. In fact, many older runners tend to outperform younger runners over long distances. It may be due to the greater maturity and better work of the mind.

So that you can understand it better. What we will do is break down a possible time depending on the type of athlete.

How long does it take to run a marathon for an Elite runner?

Men’s Marathon World Record (as of the day this article was written): 02 hours, 01 minute and 39 seconds achieved by Eliud Kipchoge in the Berlin marathon in 2018.

Women’s Marathon World Record (as of the day this article was written): 02 hours, 14 minutes and 04 seconds achieved by Brigid Kosgei in the Chicago Marathon in 2019.

If we continue to analyze Elite athletes. How long does an elite athlete need to run in the Olympics? This time is determined by the IAAF (now called World Athletics). And this time varies for each Olympiad.

For the Tokyo Olympics, the times a runner had to do to qualify are: 2h11m30s for men and 2h29m30s for women.

Now let’s look at the average times for common runners. Because obviously not all of us will race in the Olympics. And you don’t need the time of an elite athlete to run a marathon. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare!

How long does it take to run a marathon for an amateur runner?

Again it depends. It depends on what specific marathon you are going to do, the altitude of the route and how prepared you are.

The expected is that if you prepare very well and you are and advanced runners. You can do it between 3 and 4 hours. It is what amateur runners aspire to achieve and to be able to stay within that time.

But if it is your first marathon, do not worry since the average finishes it between 4 and 5 hours.

Another question that amateur runners often ask themselves. What is the maximum time you can do a marathon?

This depends on who is organizing the event. But on average the maximum time limit allowed for the marathon is six hours. But as we told you before, this time varies depending on the event organizers.

We hope that with this information you can learn a little more about the world of the marathon. If you are looking for a challenge to run your first marathon, we invite you to review our marathon calendar.

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