11th of December 2021

The Holiday Half Marathon!

Half Marathon running event in Brooklyn, NY

Get ready to be part of the breathtaking event The Holiday Half Marathon!. This is the most cool race that will take place in Brooklyn, NY.

Join us in this Half Marathon running competition. Half Marathon is an ideal distance for people who ran a 10K running event competition and are looking for a greater challenge.

This running event competition will be held from Saturday 11th of December 2021 to Sunday 12th of December 2021.

Join us in this awesome race and come enjoy the party of running. You can get more information in the race website.

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More information

  • On December 11th of 2019, the weather in this location was clear with an average temperature of 35.24°F (1.8°C)
  • This running competition has one distance.

How to get to The Holiday Half Marathon!?

6901 Shore Road
Brooklyn, NY 11209
United States

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