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Documentary about Boston Marathon

Are you looking for a documentary about Boston Marathon?. Then this article is for you. We will not only show you how to watch a Boston Marathon documentary. But we will also show you how to access hundreds of documentaries for runners.

About the Boston Marathon

Why do you want to see a Boston Marathon documentary? Either because you want to know its history. Or learn more about the attack. Or know why it is such an important marathon. Whatever the reason, we will show you some of the documentaries that talk about the Boston marathon.

The Boston Marathon is one of the most important marathon races in the world. It is one of the 6 world marathon majors and is run on Patriots Day every year. Because of this it is that it runs on a Monday.

Another important point of this marathon is that you need a qualifying time to run it. If you want to know how to run it without qualifying time, see this article.

But what about documentaries? There are several documentaries about running but the problem is that they are all spread out. It is because we recommend you register on Runners.TV. So you can access hundreds of running documentaries in one place.

Boston Marathon Documentaries on Runners.TV

On Runners.TV you can find several mini documentaries that talk about the Boston Marathon.

1) World Marathon Majors History: This mini documentary tells the story of the 6 world marathon majors. Showing the beginnings of each one and within them is the Boston marathon.

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World Marathon Majors History – Runners.TV

2) Marathons Of The World – Season 1: In season one of this series. The most traditional races in the United States are shown. Within them the Boston marathon.

Marathons Of The World: Season 1 – Runners.TV

3) Running Stories: Boston marathon: This TV show is also available on Runners.TV. In this chapter are told the stories of runners like you. On how they lived their first Boston marathon.

Running Stories: Boston Marathon – Runners.TV

As you can see. If you are looking for a documentary about Boston marathon you can find them on Runners.TV. These are just some of the hundreds of exclusive videos available for you.

Where can you see these documentaries and TV shows?

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