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December 7th 2020 by the Runners.TV team

If you want to watch running documentaries on Netflix, you may not find many. We all know that Netflix is the most important platform in the world to watch movies, and you can also find documentaries of various kinds, but what about running?. The truth is that it is very difficult to find documentaries specialized in runners on these types of platforms.

If you search well, you may find some. But what Netflix doesn't understand is that running is much more than people running. There are several sub-groups within running. So it is very difficult for Netflix to offer documentaries for all the content that a runner wants to see. What can you do then?

Watch running documentaries on Netflix or is there another platform?

If you are passionate about running and want to see running documentaries on Netflix, we have very good news for you. There is a platform similar to Netflix but 100% focused on runners. This platform is called and is known as the Netflix for runners. On this platform, you can find a large number of running documentaries to watch. But you can also find TV shows, motivational videos, and other types of content specialized in runners and marathon lovers.

Some very interesting documentaries are The history of the major marathons, The legend of Philippides, among other documentaries.

Why watch running documentaries on Netflix if you can watch them on

1) World marathon majors history

This documentary tells the history of the 6 majors marathons, from their birth to present times.

2) The legend of Philippides

This micro-documentary tells the legend of the famous greek warrior Philippines, and why he was important in the history of the marathon.

3) The hardest marathons in the world

This mini-documentary shows some of the most difficult marathons in the world and how to register for them.

Why do runners want to see running documentaries?

Many runners search the internet for running documentaries on Netflix because they want to know more about the sport they love so much. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are millions of runners around the world, there is not a very large supply of documentaries for runners.

The good news is that this problem has been solved by the entertainment platform specialized in runners,, and every time we can find more and more mini-documentaries about running. Since they upload new videos every month.

Another very interesting point is that there is not only a supply of documentaries. They have educational videos for runners, television programs, interviews, and other types of videos that will undoubtedly provide hours and hours of entertainment for those who want to enjoy running not only while running. Would you like to access hundreds of running documentaries and other programs specialized in runners? If the answer is yes, we invite you to register here.

Netflix for runners", has dozens of videos of exclusive content for you to watch from the comfort of your home. offers a free 3-day trial so you can try it for free.

We also invite you to check our upcoming races calendar here.

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